About Us

Our "living history group" honors the military service and sacrifices of all World War II veterans, and we dedicate our unit to WW II paratrooper veterans. Regardless of which country they served, paratroops were some of the most highly skilled and motivated troops of any army. They were given dangerous missions, jumped into the heart of seemingly impossible situations, and always fought with courage and élan.

Specifically, our group strives to carry on the memory and traditions of the German Paratroopers of World War II - - die deutsche Fallschirmjäger. We do this through educating the public at historical displays and by attending historical battle reenactments. The German paratroops pioneered the art of airborne warfare. Their exploits on Crete, Monte Cassino, Normandy, North Afrika, and Russia are worthy of serious military study, and earned the nickname of "die Grüne Teufel", or "Green Devils" by their Allied adversaries.

Who We Are

The members of the Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6 (USA) living history group seek not to glorify war, but rather to preserve military history and present to the public an accurate representation of a WW II German airborne unit.

Through a practical application of our combined research, our goal is to field a historically accurate portrayal of WW2 German paratroopers for participation in historic battle recreations (reenactments) and educational historic displays. In this way we can respectfully preserve the experiences and traditions of an important facet of military history.

Though our unit has 3 separate groups, or "Companies" (Kompanien), we all follow the same 'rules and regulations' when it comes to uniform authenticity, rank structure, etc. This enables us to come together for events all over the country and operate in a seamless, unified fashion.

While we don't spend time actively recruiting, we are always alert for potential members who share our research passion and dedication to portraying German Paratroopers in the most accurate way possible. Our members come from different backgrounds but we all share an interest in German culture, language, art and history, as well as WW2 uniforms, equipment, and firearms.

Our unit covers a lot of geographical territory, so chances are we have unit members or affiliates in your area. If you would like to get involved in the WW2 hobby, and think that you'd fit in well with FJR6, send us an e-mail and we can get you pointed in the right direction. We do not tolerate or condone any form of racism, radical or otherwise extremist activities, and we do not embrace the politics upon which the original Third Reich was founded.

FJR6 Unit Geographical Territory

FJR6 MapIf you are interested in Fallschirmjäger Living History, please contact the FJR6 Kompanie closest to your location. For General inquiries, please contact us at 5./FJR.6.



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5./FJR.6 - Mid Atlantic

5.Kompanie is the "home" unit where FJR.6 was originally started in the 1980's. Our eastern squad is based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and has members all over the Mid Atlantic Region.

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6./FJR.6 - Plains/Central

6.Kompanie is based out of Kansas City, MO and the surrounding Mississippi River region, as well as into the central plains states. It was founded as a unit of the WWII Historical Reenacting Society (HRS) in 2007.

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7./FJR.6 Great Lakes

7.Kompanie is based out of Indianapolis, IN and covers the Midwest/Great Lakes region and Kentucky. It is a unit forming with the WWII Historical Reenacting Society (HRS), founded in January 2008. We typically attend events in Lowell, Columbus, and Indianapolis IN, Camden OH, Ft. Custer MI, and Rockford and Chicago area IL