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Italien 1943

2005 FJ-Lehrkompanie Organization

This event portrays a Fallschirmjäger-Lehrkompanie or Parachute Instructional Company in Northern Italy, preparing for a combat parachute jump into Sicily in July, 1943, with the Fallschirmjägergruppen (Squads) provided by you, the participants. If you are interested in performing one of the period support roles below, please contact the event organizers.

A Fallschirmjägerkompanie was commanded by a Kompanieführer, with a senior NCO as Hauptfeldwebeldiensttuer (First Sergeant), nicknamed "der Spieß" (literally, "the Pike" from the Middle Ages weapon). The Spieß wore two bands of LW Tresse on his lower sleeves.

Our Sanitäter or Sani (Combat Medic) handles medical issues at the Kompanieverbandplatz (First Aid Station). Each Kompanie had unarmed Sani to provide first aid to wounded Fallschirmjäger, The Sani wore a Neutralität (Red Cross) Ärmelband, occasionally a Red Cross Vest, Patch on the Tornister and sometimes painted a Red Cross on their Fallschirmjägerhelm.

Our Köche (Cooks) will provide meals from a real Gulaschkanone (Field Kitchen). Each Kompanie had Köche to provide meals, with the division Bäckerei- und Schlächterei-Kompanien (Bakery and Butcher Companies) providing the baked and meat goods.

Our Musikanten (Musician) will provide accompaniment for each evening's Kameradschaft. Fallschirmjäger sang constantly, you cannot portray Fallschirmjäger without singing! Musikanten were regular soldiers with musical talent, provided with harmonicas, accordions and guitars.

Our Feldgendarmerie (Military Police) are responsible for event registration, the safety and authenticity inspection, security, and serving as advisors and umpires for the Geländeübungen. They belonged to the Feldgendarmerie unit from the parent Fallschirmjägerdivision. Wearing Fallschirmjäger uniforms, they usually wore a Feldgendarmerie Army-style Gorget and carried a Traffic Wand. They were called Kettenhünde (Chained Dogs) due to their feared reputation.

Our Kriegsberichter der Luftwaffe (Luftwaffe War Correspondent) is responsible for event photography, Studio Portraits, and the Tageszeitung “Horrido!”. Wearing a cuff title, a Kriegsberichter was attached as necessary, especially for important events and operations.

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