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Italien 1943

2005 Bivouac Information

As Fallschirmjäger on field exercise, we will be outside. This is a period bivouac, an excellent opportunity to tighten up your field impression. You will undergo a safety and authenticity inspection prior to entering the event. Non-period items will not be permitted, period.

Plan on warm weather, possibly low 90os. Due to Lake Michigan, it might be cooler, especially evenings. Humidity does vary; rain is not likely. Plan accordingly.

Zeltbahnen – Come prepared to construct tents with four Zeltbahnen for every two Fallschirmjäger, different from German practice of four men per tent. If you can squeeze four into the Zelt, go right ahead. Each Fallschirmjäger will need two Zeltbahnen, three pole sections and three stakes. An extra K98k was typically used as the tent pole, with a sheathed bayonet. You will be expected to pitch your Zeltbahnen in a set location. Other period tents/tarps are limited to specific functions, approved in advance.

Bedding – For summer, probably a Mannschaftsdecke (Blanket) as a ground sheet, bedding hay will be provided. A period light cover on top. Non-period sleeping bags not permitted.

Torches und Feldlanternen – Period-style or original lanternen only. Electricity is not available. No modern lights.

Wal-Mart Lanterne ($4.97) Before Painting

Wal-Mart Lanterne After Painting

BW Sturmlanterne (Exact Copy of WWII Sturmlanterne) Painted Grey

Eisschränke / Wasser – Due to the heat, very small (!) coolers will be permitted, if hidden. Ice will be provided both Saturday and Sunday morning. Plenty of water is available on site. Bring your period water containers and buckets. Here's a sample of a cooler inside a period wooden Bierkasten.

Feuer – Due to site restrictions, the dry weather and meals being provided, fires are not permitted, except where directed. Esbit and other small period field burners are permitted.

Feldlatrinen – Field latrines will be provided, there will not be portable or regular toilet facilities. Bring your own Toilettenpapier and Spaten! You must use the designated areas!

Felddusche – Field showers will be provided, you will have to carry your own water from the pump to the shower site, about 10 meters. Water containers will be provided for this purpose.

Alkoholische Getränke – Please provide your own Bier, Wein, or other German drinks, as you wish. Bring a period steins, glasses flasks, and/or flasks. No glass bottles allowed.