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Italien 1943

2005 Formation and Awards Presentation Procedures

Fallschirmjäger-Lehrkompanie Formations and Commands

Kompaniegliederung (Company Organization)

We anticipate forming a Kompanie with three Fallschirmjägerzüge (Platoons). Each Zug will form a side of a “U”, with the open end being the front of the formation.

Each Zug is formed by the Gruppen (Squads) in rows, with the Gruppenführer on the far right followed by the lMG-Besatzung then all other Jäger. At the far left the Truppführer.

The Spiess commands the formation, standing front and center of the formation. The platoon commanders (Zugführer) report by stepping forward on the command:

"Zugführer zur Meldung, Vortreten!" The Zugführer march forward, and from right to left, salute and report:

"5. Kompanie Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 6 mit __ Unteroffizieren und __ Männer vollzählig angetreten!" After every unit commander has reported, the Spiess orders:

"Zugführer, Eintreten!" On which the unit commanders would make a left about and return to their position in formation.

Befehle (Commands):

Stillgestanden! (Stand at Attention)
Rührt euch! (At Ease)
Richt euch! (Dress Right)
Augen vor! (Eyes Front)

Das Gewehr über! (Right Shoulder Arms)
Das Gewehr ab! (Order Arms)
Präsentiert das Gewehr! (Present Arms)
Das Gewehr umhängen! (Sling Arms)
Das Gewehr abnehmen! (Unsling Arms)


Fallschirmjäger-Lehrkompanie Awards Ceremony

Awards will be presented in the period German manner by unit commanders and our Fallschirmjäger veterans and guests. Our Kriegsberichter will be present to photograph the awards ceremonies.

When the units are in position, they are at attention. If the unit commanders have allowed the men to stand at ease “Rührt euch!” the order is given:

"Achtung, Stillgestanden!" On “Stillgestanden” the men snap to attention. Then the command follows for the soldiers to be decorated to come to the front:

"Oberjäger ______ und Jäger ______, 5. Kompanie Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 6; Gefreiter ______, Luftlande-Sturmregiment – Vortreten!"

On "Vortreten“ the named soldiers take one step forward, turn right and march sharply to the left side of the formation, and then turns to the left and marches three paces to the front. He then turns left and marches until he is in line with the command group. Then he turns right and approaches the command group, stopping three paces to their front. Each man salutes and reports:

"Oberjäger/Gefreiter/Jäger ______ meldet sich wie befohlen!" The Spiess returns the salute and conducts the award ceremony. It is good tradition to cheer the award receipient. The Spiess will shout:

"Dem Oberjägern/Gefreiten/Jägern ______ ein dreifaches Glück!" On which all men (except thosebeing awarded) reply in shouting:


Spiess: "Glück!"

All men: "Ab!"

Spiess: "Glück!"

All men: "Ab!"

Spiess: "Oberjäger/Gefreiter/Jäger ______, Eintreten!"

The soldiers salute, makes a left about face and returns to his spot in the ranks the same way he came.

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