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Italien 1943

2005 Event Activities

  • Ju-52 "Tante Ju" Flugfahrt (Aircraft Ride):

Experience flight like the World War Two Fallschirmjäger! A 20-30 minute Ju-52 flight with your Gruppe in uniform. This Ju-52 is marked just like one that took part in the invasion of Kreta, flown by Oberleutnant Franz Lankenau. Experience memories, photos and a flight of a lifetime.

Click Here For More Ju-52 Information


  • Fallschirmjägersprungausbildung (Ground/Jump School):
Participate in a period Fallschirmjäger Ground School training at the airfield, including the infamous Rolls, and Tarp Diving.


  • Geländeübungen mit Feind (Field Training Exercises with Period Enemy):

Tired of the same tactical events? Here’s your chance to train as Fallschirmjäger did. Participate with your Gruppe in several Geländeübungen or Field Training Exercises. These Geländeübungen feature 20-30 minute Gruppe-level actions against a trained, and scripted enemy, designed to maximize the period feel.

Click here for more information on our training program.


  • 6 Mahlzeiten aus einer Gulaschkanone (6 Field Meals from a Field Kitchen):

Just like in the Fallschirmjäger, you’ll get a hot Frühstück (Breakfast) and Abendessen (Dinner) from an authentic Gulaschkanone (Field Kitchen) to include Milch, Tee and Kaffee. A field Mittagsessen (Lunch) in the form of an Eiserne Ration will be provided at breakfast. Six meals - Friday dinner to Sunday lunch.

You’ll definitely need your Kochgeschirr (Mess Kit) and Eßbesteck (Utensils). . . If you bring your Maggi and Ahoj-Brause, you’re a real Alte Hase!

Water will be available for drinking and washing, bring your period containers and buckets.

Click here for the Meals Menu.


  • FJ-Bivouac:
Field billets under Zeltbahnen, canvas, and parachutes. Hay bales for ground padding and seating, Feldlatrinen and water for bathing will be available. Every effort is being made to insure only period items are in the bivouac and training areas. Luftwaffe and Fallschirmjäger Spieß, Feldgendarmerie, Melder, Sanitäter, Köche, Musiker and Kriegsberichter will man the bivouac area. Click here for more details on the event bivouac guidelines.


  • Luftwaffe Fahrzeuge und Waffen (Vehicles and Weapons):
Period vehicles will be available, including two Kübelwagen (courtesy Don Coffman and Ben LeFever), a Kettenkrad (courtesy Don Coffman), a DKW Motorrad (courtesy Greg Smith), and FLAK 38 (courtesy Ben LeFever), all in Luftwaffe colors, for transport. We plan on having lMG (MG34/42) available so each Gruppe can be equipped as a typical FJ-Gruppe was.


  • Ramcke-Meindl Fallschirmjägergruppenwettbewerb (FJ Squad Competition):
Who belongs to the best Fallschirmjägergruppe? Find out if you and your FJ-Gruppe are worthy of the Ramcke-Meindl Trophy, named in honor of two of the most revered Generäle der Fallschirmtruppe, Bernhard Ramcke and Eugen Meindl. The FJ-Gruppe demonstrating the best impression and overall performance during the event will win the award.
  • Fotographie (Studio Photo Portraits):

Have your photo portrait made just like the Fallschirmjäger! Period digital photos will be taken by a Kriegsberichter der Luftwaffe (Luftwaffe War Correspondent) at no charge.

Click here for more information on the Kriegberichter der Luftwaffe.


  • Fallschirmgerätelottos / Fallschirmjäger-Related Equipment Raffles:

All participants who register by July 1st will have a chance to win several FJ-related items, including an authentic reproduction RZ-1 Fallschirmgurt (Parachute Harness) by Don Calder of FJ-Fabrik, a custom one-of-a-kind 1/6 scale Fallschirmjäger figure by Hugo Hidalgo, several bottles of German liquor, along with many other cool tems to be announced. Raffle will take place Friday evening at 19,00 Uhr (19:00 or 7:00pm); you must be present to win. (Click here for more details on the Lotto.)


  • FJ-Appellen und Ehrenverleihungen (Formations and Awards Ceremonies):
Take part in morning and evening Appellen (Formations) of the FJ-Lehrkompanie. Come prepared to follow the German formation commands listed on this site. Fallschirmjäger Unit Commanders will also decorate their men in period awards ceremonies.


  • Kameradschaft, FJ-Biergarten und Musiker (Comradeship, Biergarten and Entertainment):

The Biergarten der Fallschirmjäger will be open nightly, bring your own Bier, Wein and other German beverages.

Enjoy Jäger Peter Tabor and the Freichör Tropicale on accordion playing all the popular period, Fallschirmjäger and Landserlieder. Liederbucher (Song Books) will be available for all.


  • FJ-Veteranen- und Gewandtenbesuch und Gedenknis (Veterans Visit & Memorial):

Speak to actual WW2 Fallschirm-jäger veterans about their wartime experiences, uniforms & equipment! A unique opportunity to visit with those who proudly served their country, and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Visit with Fallschirmjäger Veteran Tony Nemec (see picture at right), and Klaus Meindl and Hermann Ramcke, sons of Fallschirmjäger legends Generäle der Fallschirmtruppe Eugen Meindl and Bernhard Ramcke. Click here for more on Meindl's visit. Click here for more on Ramcke's visit.


  • FJ-Geräte und Kleidungsammelungen (Equipment Collections):
Several Fallschirmjäger collectors have generously agreed to bring out their collections for viewing and questions.


  • Tageszeitung “Horrido” (Daily Newspaper):

Enjoy the FJ-Lehrkompanietageszeitung “Horrido!” each morning.