Kreta 1941 (2015)

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Kreta 1941

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  • Fallschirmjägersprungausbildung (Ground/Jump School):
Participate in a period Fallschirmjäger Ground School training at the airfield and in the 'Cottbus Hanger', including the infamous Rolls, and Tarp Diving. Just like last year we will have the jump tower, along the Ju-52, and the Swing Landing Trainer Harness to the left. Click here for more on the Jump Training.
  • Flugplatztanz (Hanger Dance):

The museum hosts a 1940’s Hangar Dance on Saturday night. This presents a great opportunity to bring your wives/girlfriends; they can sunbathe at VA Beach during the day while you enjoy your WW2 hobby, and you can dance to the 1940’s swing band in the evening! Any dress uniform impression is fine for this. If wives/girlfriends are coming with you, you’ll want to do a google search for nearby hotels.

  • 8 Mahlzeiten in einer FJ-Kompaniekasino (6 Field Meals in the FJ-LK Mess Hall):

Join the FJ-Lehrkompanie in the period FJ-Kompaniekasino (FJ Company Mess Hall and Bar) for the authentic event meals Friday and Saturday.

Just like in the Fallschirmjäger, you’ll get a hot Frühstück (Breakfast) and special Abendessen (Dinner) from a period FJ-Kompaniekantine (Mess Hall) to include Milch, Tee and Kaffee. A field Mittagsessen (Lunch) in the form of an Eiserne Ration will be provided at breakfast.

You’ll definitely need your Kochgeschirr (Mess Kit) and Eßbesteck (Utensils) for breakfast and lunch.. . . If you bring your Maggi and Ahoj-Brause, you’re a real Alte Hase! We will have many special touches to these two dinners, and you are encouraged to bring your period formal dishes and silverwear.

As is customary at the FJ-LK events, the food will be of the highest quality, there will be plenty.

Cost is $25 per person, to be included with your pre-registration forms and received by 01 May 2015. On-site vendor food is very expensive, and there aren't any restaurants close to the airfield/museum.

  • FJ-Kaserne mit WC (Barracks, Indoor Bathroom and Showers):

No need to bring tents, tarps, etc. Please bring a fold-up “Army style” cot, and cover it with a set of original, post-war, or reproduction German military bed linens (blue & white checkered blanket covers and pillow cases). The sleeping area will be along one side of the hangar, and visible to visitors, so we’d like to maintain a uniform appearance.

Fresh water is available on site, but be sure to bring your period water cans. Coolers are ok, so long as you can hide them out of site. Some people have coolers that are disguised as ammo crates - those are perfectly acceptable. Portable toilets will be nearby for restroom facilities.

  • FJ-Tag (Immersion Day):
FJ-LK Immersion Day - : Friday will be our 'Fallschirmjäger-Lehrkompanie Immersion day' – and we have even more special activities planned than the past 3 years!

Airshow Display: During the public visitation hours on Saturday and Sunday, we will rotate shifts for manning the display area inside the German hangar (shifts assigned by squads. This will ensure there’s always a squad available to engage the public, a squad available to handle interactive activities (i.e., jump tarp), and ‘free time’ where you can visit the museum & other reenactor displays.

The thing that set our Crete display apart from most all of the other displays last year was that we actually performed 'activities' for the public to observe -- the jump tower is a crowd pleaser, and we do that twice per day during the non-flying hours. If you don’t have proper “Crete Kit”, or want to display separately, that’s fine too; in that case, you’ll need to register your group separately with the event staff.

  • Kameradschaft in der FJ-Bierstube (Comradeship at the FJ-Bierstube):

The Biergarten der Fallschirmjäger will be open evenings, bring your favorite German beverages!

Enjoy all the popular period, Fallschirmjäger and Landserlieder. Liederbucher (Song Books) will be available for all.