Kreta 1941 (2015)

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Why Are We Doing This?

Our primary goal is to host a unique WW2 living history weekends that draws participants from established German Fallschirmjäger reenactment units. It was clear after the 2005 and 2006 FJ-Lehrkompanie Events and the 2013 FJ-Lehrkompanie Event at the VA Beach Airshow that the best German Paratrooper reenactors are willing to travel to a event that specifically caters to the particular area of WW2 history.

Like-minded enthusiasts tend to seek each other out, and this FJ-Lehrkompanie event is no exception; it's hosted by FJ reenactors for FJ reenactors. In planning and hosting the event, the synergy resulting from the participating groups' leadership is collectively rasing the bar for the WW2 reenactors.

In addition to the reenactors who portray German Paratroops as their primary impression, we intend to reach out to reenactors who portray Fallschirmjäger as a secondary impression, by giving them a wonderful opportunity to join our ranks by pairing them with a participating unit and working them into the squad-level activities.

These are not a ‘typical reenactments’, but rather events and information specifically designed in every aspect for Reenactors and Living Historians who portray World War Two German Paratroopers.

The 2014 Fallschirmjäger-Lehrkompanie (FJ-LK) event will be held once again in conjunction with the “Warbirds Over the Beach” WW2 Airshow in Virginia Beach, VA at the Military Aviation Museum. Our event theme this year will be the German airborne invasion of Crete, May 1941. The FJ-LK staff has received special permission from the Museum to locate our “Battle of Crete” display (and billeting) inside of the “Cottbus Hangar” – an actual WW2 German Luftwaffe hangar specially designed to be taken apart and transported to makeshift airfields as close to the “front” as possible. We suspect the Luftwaffe built identical hangars in Greece that served as the staging areas and Jump Off points for Fallschirmtruppen spearheading the assault on Crete. Because we will be billeted inside the hangar, participants will not have to bring tents, tarps, and other period “camping gear”!

We know that there is a large amount of the Fallschirmjägergeist (Airborne Spirit) within everyone who has gone to the effort and expense to research German paratroops and put together a Fallschirmjäger impression. If you don't have a Fallschirmjäger impression, now is the best time to get one and join us!

Our goal is to bring Fallschirmjäger reenactors and living historians together for Kameradschaft that we won’t soon forget. We guarantee you’ll be talking about these for years to come!

Komm mit, und zage nicht, komm mit!