Kreta 1941 (2015)

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Kreta 1941


(Projected Event Schedule)
für den 15.en bis 18.en Mai 2013

After we receive the first 45 pre-registrations, we will divide them all up into 4 squads, and we will operate over the weekend as if we were a fully integrated FJ Platoon. Each participant will be assigned to a ‘squad’ for the weekend. Each squad will have an assigned squad leader and assistant, and things like display shifts, FJ-immersion activities, meal preparation & cleanup, sentry duty for our display area, etc, will all be handled by squad. We’ll post squad assignments on the FJ-Lehrkompanie web page after 01 May 2014.

What makes our FJ-Lehrkompanie events work well is every participant’s willingness to support our weekend plan and activities. So long as you are willing to “follow our rules”, and you have the proper kit, you are welcome to participate with us!

If you can arrive on site at the museum by 3pm on Thursday, you will avoid the Hampton Roads rush hour traffic... the I-64 corridor going through the Hampton Tunnel can be awful from 3:30-6:30pm! This will allow you time to get in, set up, relax, and start having fun. Then, with everyone present on Friday morning, we'll begin our FJ-immersion activities listed in the Itinerary.