Kreta 1941 (2015)

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Kreta 1941

Fallschirmjäger Jump Training

Unlike their allied counterparts who utilized specially trained parachute riggers to pack their parachutes, an integral portion of German parachute school was devoted to teaching each jumper how to properly pack the chute they would actually jump with. Our FJ-LK staff has spent many hours researching and translating actual wartime packing procedures, and will teach participants these techniques and procedures on a makeshift packing table with an authentic WW2 German parachute rigger’s kit. Participants who own original wartime parachutes that are not packed correctly are encouraged to bring them along so they can be packed properly as part of this training session.

A portion of our Fallschirmjäger-Lehrkompanie immersion day will include instruction in the actual wartime German parachute school ground training. We'll teach you the German 'parachute landing fall' straight from the wartime Jump School manual. We'll conduct a training class on the forward & backward fall, starting in the kneeling position, then moving to the standing position, just like the wartime jump schools taught. After perfecting this, we'll move on to the forward and backward rolls.

A special added feature of this year's event will be the "swing landing training", where the trainees are hoisted up in an authentic RZ-1 harness, and learn how to 'bicycle kick' to steer around ground obstacles! Because we're conducting this inside an actual WW2 Luftwaffe hangar, there will be lots of opportunities to take "period training photos" within a 100% authentic setting!

We'll also conduct special training sessions on the famed "diving aircraft exit" from our authentic training platform right onto the special tarp held up by other Fallschirmjäger. This is a lot of fun, and also provides for some fantastic period photo recreations.