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Italien 1943

World War Two
German Paratrooper Instructional
Special Living History and Tactical Event

Friday - Sunday
August 19 - 21, 2005

Buckley Homestead
Lowell, Indiana

A Very Special Veteranenabend (Veterans' Evening)

August 18, 2005

2005 Event Pictures Here!

2005 Event After Action Reviews Here!

Special Guests (from left) - Tony Nemec, Hermann Ramcke, Maria-Louise Meindl, Klaus Meindl and Tim Tabar

Nach Italien!

Event Activities Include:

  • Fallschirmjägersprungausbildung (Parachute Ground School Jump Training)
  • Geländeübungen mit Feind (Field Training Exercises with Enemy Force)
  • 6 Mahlzeiten (Fr., Sa. u. So.) aus einer Gulaschkanone (6 Meals from a Field Kitchen)
  • FJ-Bivouac mit Luftwaffe Fahrzeuge u. Waffen (Bivouac with LW Vehicles & Weapons)
  • Ramcke-Meindl Fallschirmjägergwettbewerb (Ramcke-Meindl Paratrooper Competition)
  • Fotographie und Fallschirmgerätelottos (Portraits and Prize Drawings)
  • FJ-Appellen und Ehrenverleihungen (Formations and Awards Ceremonies)
  • Kameradschaft, FJ-Biergarten u. Musiker (Comradeship, Biergarten, & Music)
  • Veteranenabend (Veterans' Evening)
  • FJ-Veteranenbesuch und Gedenknis (Paratrooper Veterans, Relatives & Memorial)
  • Klaus Meindl Besuch (Klaus Meindl Visit)
  • Hermann Ramcke Besuch (Hermann Ramcke Visit)
  • FJ-Geräte und –Kleidungsammelungen (Paratrooper Kit & Uniform Collections)
  • Tageszeitung “Horrido” (Daily Newspaper)

- Open Only To Fallschirmjäger Reenactors -
Get Your Kit Today!
(Tropical FJ Uniforms Encouraged)

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Event Update #4 (12.08.05)

Welcome to Update #4: The entire FK-Lehrkompanie staff is looking forward to next Thursday and Friday.

BEER GLASSES: The beer glasses have arrived, and they look great! Here is a picture….with my favorite beer – Weihenstephaner Hefeweiss. Glasses are still available if you want one, or more.

WEATHER : The long range forecast for Lowell, IN is highs of 87, lows of 66, with a 40% chance of rain for Friday, 60% for Saturday, and 10% for Sunday. Of course this is the very end of the long range forecast where it could change dramatically.

BULLETIN BOARD: We will have a bulletin board set up (period, of course) for FJ-Lehrkompanie announcements, and for sale/wanted signs, etc.

Event Update #3 (10.08.05)

SOLDBUCHER: Thanks to the Stendal Depot, we will have a FJ-Lehrkompanie Soldbuch Stamp, for the appropriate page in your Soldbuch. Also, thanks to Les Peters, our Kriegsberichter der LW, for the opportunity to have Soldbuch pictures done at the event.

COFFEE: We will be providing coffee for the event, you will need to provide a pot to make it in. We are trying to hunt down a large coffee urn, so the coffee junkies will have a continuous supply.

WAFFENMEISTER: Participant Brian McGaffic is a field armorer and does all the work for 3./Fallschirm-Pioneerbattalion 1, and also has done a lot of work for the FJR6 at several Fig and Torrance events. He will have his Waffenmeister tools at the event and a limited supply of spare parts, if anyone needs weapons work, wants headspacing, etc.

lMG CLASSES: We are asking those bringing lMG to teach a familiarization class on Saturday morning. Participant Richard Satterfield has generously offer to teach this, along with others bringing squad auto weapons. He is also bringing two Lafette Tripods with slings (one for the MG34 and one for the MG42) and optics (both MGZ-34, and MGZ-40), and one AA-extension for display and use for photos.

lMG AVAILABILITY: Richard is generously providing MG 34 and MG42 for use by squads at the event, for no rental fee, just blanks. .308 British and Austrian Blanks will be available for the MG42 and MG34 to keep their costs down so units can fire more. $10 per 100. The fine print - - The guns are heavy-duty/combat weapons, but if through mishandling - "if you break buy it is only fair" (i.e., Bipods, Stocks, etc.).

He is seeking one accessory for his MGZ-40 scope, a "collimator" which clamps on top of the MGZ-40 scope. Does anyone have one or know of one for purchase?

BLANKS: Richard will be bringing a limited amount of the following per 100:
8x57mm (K98/G43/MG34/MG42) $25
9mm SMG (MP40) $25
9mm Pistol (P38) $25
7.92x33mm (MP44) $30
30/06 M1 Garand $25
.30 Cal. Carbine $30
.45 ACP SMG (Thompson/Grease Gun) $25
7.62x54R Russian (Short-case-length-blank) $20
.308 British and Austrian Blanks $10
7.62x25mm (PPSh-41) $23

BLANK ADAPTING & PRODUCTION CLASS: Richard will also be giving an information class on Blank Adapting and Production Saturday afternoon. Geared towards German weapons, it will include information on Blank Adaptors, problem-solving, and lists of suppliers of reloading equipment/supplies to get started, along with a question/answer session.

ALLIED TRAINING SUPPORT: We have Allied Reenactors from two units, the 1st Polish Parachute Brigade and the U.S. 9th Infantry Division assisting with the Allied Training Support.

1st Polish Parachute Brigade:
Mike Blazejack
Greg Slawski
Jeff Wszolek
Rafal Drwiega

9th Infantry Division:
Staff Sgt. Nathan Long
Tech. Sgt. Tom Wojcinski
Corporal Adam Walker
PFC. Bill Bacon
Pvt. Wayne McCulley
Pvt. Dan Maloney
Pvt. Rich Sobczak
Medic Erik Kelpis

We appreciate their help for the event.

Event Update #2 (08.08.05)

FIELD PHONES: We have a period switchboard with several phones. If you have a field phone or two and some wire, please bring them to hook into the system. Also, any extra headsets are always useful.

TROPICAL SHORTS: You will definitely need a pair of tropical shorts for the Friday and Saturday night formations, and for non-duty time. In a pinch, if you don’t have a pair, get a mustard- or various tan- or olive- pair of shorts, bigger is better. We recommend buying two inches too big, that way they will look right with a pistol belt on, and will hang down to just above the knees. The Germans then folded them up about two inches for a smarter look, check out period photos.

WHITE UNDERSHIRTS: The German wore white sleeve-less A-Shirts. These can be found at Target, Wal-Mart, etc. Even better are the good repros with the LW eagle. If anyone knows of a good source, let us know.

FUßBALL: We will be playing Fußball (Soccer) Saturday afternoon, bring a LW Sports Shirt (white shirt above with LW emblem if possible) a pair of LW Sport Shorts (Plain Black Cotton), and LW Sport Shoes. The shorts were plain black cotton shorts. You can also wear no shirt, your tropical shorts, and many will be playing in boots.

SKAT (with a long ‘a’): We will be teaching and playing Skat Friday night. Bring Skat cards if you have them.

BEVERAGES: Please note any glass bottles should have the modern labels removed. To do this simply soak the bottle in water for about 20 minutes, the label will come off and you can wipe off the bottle. Don’t forget the Peroni beer….

PERIOD FOOD ITEMS: Some nice items to bring might be Italian Biscotti, Ahoj Brause (German drink powder). Something else good, I found at the grocery store, is S. Pellegrino Mineral Water, the big label is period, a little in English, but the good thing is the bottle is 1 liter and has a pry-off cap.

You might also think about bringing a period coffee pot, and other bivouac items, and maybe even a flask….


Event Update #1 (05.08.05)

Please note that Indianapolis and Lowell, IN are both on Central time during the summer.

Everything is shaping up for a great event, the extended forecast is for mild weather with no rain. We will see!

There are still some limited spaces available for the event. If you know a FJ who should attend, let us know and we will invite him.

VETERANABEND– THURSDAY, AUGUST 18th: For all planning on attending the dinner, we will meet in the Signature Inn Hotel – Indy West lobby at 5:30pm CDT, departing for the Rathskeller restaurant at approximately 5:40. We’ll try to share rides and convoy as much as possible, we will have strip maps available. We are asking that each participant contribute $10 for the Veterans’ meals and refreshments, collected on arrival at the Rathskeller.

For those ordering the FJ-LK Beer Glasses, we will have them available (and washed) for Thursday night, and will be presenting the Veterans with glasses at the dinner. Also, we will have a birthday cake for Oberleutnant a.D. Meindl, his birthday is that Sunday. Naturally, we will be singing the traditional German birthday song to him - - If you’ve ever seen the Cross of Iron, then you know this song..

Hoch soll er leben, Hoch soll er leben, Ein Mal hoch!

Hoch soll er leben, Hoch soll er leben, Zwei Mal hoch!

Hoch soll er leben, Hoch soll er leben, Drei Mal hoch!

Hebe hoch! Hebe hoch! Hebe hoch, hoch, hoch! (Here you raise your beer glass to each ‘Hoch’)

We’ll also have the Musikanter (Accordionist) there, and we’re sure we’ll sing some FJ-Lieder….

EVENT SETUP - FRIDAY: To make it as easy as possible to set-up the bivouac site, and yet maintain the period feel, we will be using several modern trucks to transport people and items to the site. At 5:00pm this will stop, and at that point we will be completely period at the site, both in terms of dress and vehicles/equipment. We are strongly encouraging participants to be at the Lowell site prior to 5:00pm.

WEAPONS: We are expecting a wide variety of weapons at the event. Please return email, and let us know what type of weapon(s) you intend to bring. We are looking forward to having very period formations and other activities, with sufficient squad weapons to be historically accurate.

Particularly if you are bringing several weapons, please let us know if you would be interested in permitting another individual to use the weapon for parts of the event, and under what conditions. We would also like to have several classes on the operation of the various weapons, please let us know if you are interested in doing a class.

BLANKS: We have just about finalized arrangements for a supply of blanks to be available, we should have the discount pricing and availability on the website in the next few days. The supplier, a FJ reenactor, will also be conducting a class on how to manufacture your own blanks, and will be available to answer questions about your specific blanks needs and problems.